anatomy of a lynched being
Countee Cullen's Heritage
Nubians of Plutonia, after Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra
Strange Fruit Rotting on Poplar Trees
vvhite dude
race science revival
Peligrosis, (aka always looking over ma' shoulder)
mISsogynous mind
i AM a man
untitled (crakkerology)


Pronunciation: South. U.S. /phonetic spelling, (i.e., figure that shit out)! Etymology: <post-slavery> BLACK vernacular.


a. Southern colloquial spin on the word ignorant. I use it to describe my past work and to also pinpoint that which defiantly & purposefully embodies Blackness outside of all the bullshit; (sometimes missing the mark), yet steadily learning, & growing. Lastly, if you don't get it, that's on you!

b. discourteous or rude


c. direct speaker of words with no regard for those milky ass vvhite tears, i.e., that ignorant & alabaster whining. Go read several books, please!

d. it's subversive [<------- in case you still can't figure that shit out]

e. hindsight; growth from a previous, most likely, problematic perspective. If you ain't always growing, ya ass is stagnant, dusty. This goes for ALL the folks on this here planet earth, but especially non-Black human beings.