July 12, 2017

She is not here merely to entertain.

Your's, to ravenously devour

chew up and spit back 

down to the ground, 

from where you hoisted her

back-broken, beaten and bloodied.

Her shoulders weren’t fashioned for you to ride up-on.

Bit in mouth, being led about 

as if...

February 20, 2017

The violence that is enacted against black bodies by whiteness is deeply and perpetually rooted in fear. That fear, in turn, is performed in physically, emotionally and psychologically brutal acts that aim to preserve a false sense of superiority rooted in the need for...

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The Consumption of the Black Woman (a.k.a. misogynoir)

July 12, 2017

flash po(em) [upon moving to Cali an ode to H-town]

February 23, 2017

I miss thunderstorms 

and the powerful thrust of words unchecked.

Instead there's sunshine & rainbows; 

and a life lived with candor, unmet.


February 22, 2017

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East Bay, CA

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