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Lenticular-ly speaking

The violence that is enacted against black bodies by whiteness is deeply and perpetually rooted in fear. That fear, in turn, is performed in physically, emotionally and psychologically brutal acts that aim to preserve a false sense of superiority rooted in the need for power through control. This fragile worthiness, which opposes justice and all that represents humanity, is the cornerstone of America's social structure.

The Western social system was designed to dysfunctionally function to benefit, uphold and maintain white supremacy. From this starting point a hierarchy of racial stratification was created which holds at its core anti-blackness, (anti-dark skin) and it seeps very deeply into every racial group-identity that exists within the American system.

However, the architects of the system have the lens framed to show none of this to the naked, untrained eye. And in order to successfully see beyond the distortion, one must not only severely adjust their stance, upon the shaky ground that history has been constructed, but they must also adjust and maintain their perspective to include an empathetic observation of that which has occurred and then neatly tucked away; under society's rug.