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Sometimes I wonder how different the world would be if colonizers had simply stopped and observed instead of pillaged and destroyed.

Like, not everybody desired or was meant to live in the colonizers' idealized version of 'civilization,' where those whom they 'othered' were sanctioned to serve and exist underneath imperialism's capitalistic boot. And let's be clear, this boot does in no way honor all of humanity and her natural, inherent and visceral gifts. Everything, including natural resources, spirituality, health and wellness has been monetized to exploit every being on this planet. This is what colonizer's envisioned. And yet, all these many years later, their foundation is still being built upon, even considering that they have long been outnumbered by those whom they have 'othered' en masse.

In hindsight one is able to see that the imperialist vision of civilization has become a detriment to all living beings on the planet. In their vision the earth and her inhabitants were a commodity instead of a resource and to that end attached to a capitalist system that neither held regard for either or considered the long-term consequences on themselves and their offspring.

Ultimately, unless there's a resurgence of earth-based practices on a global scale where the progeny of indigenous folx, in all their beautiful and adaptive glory, take the lead; the imperialists' vision has been and will continue to become the demise of every civilization known to humankind.