Diasporic Dream, MMXV (30.48 cm²)
Nubians of Plutonia, MMXIV (60.96 cm²)
Strange Fruit, MMXIV  (40.64 cm x 50.80 cm)
Brotha from Anotha..., MMXVI  (40.64 cm x 50.80 cm)
Deliberate And Afraid of Nothing (a not so subtle tribute to Audre Lorde) MMXVI (30.48 cm x 60.96 cm
Dandelion, MMXV  (50.80 cm x 40.64 cm)
Anatomy of a Lynching MMXIV (27.94 cm x 38.10 cm)
Heathen MMXV (30.48 cm²)

Afro IS the future

Afrofuturism has had a moment in recent years and like always it continues to encompass various meanings to different people. In this collection, I draw upon the other-worldly aspect of blackness as it can exist outside of white space under the white gaze. I grew up watching Star Trek (the Original, TNG, Deep Space Nine and Voyager) and I recall being enthralled with the alien characters who also presented black. I was captivated by how they were able to represent in an intergalactic context without reprisal or fear based solely upon how dark their skin was.

This collection continues where my previous work left off, from a perspective that embraces the fluidity of gender and race no longer defined solely by behavior or skin tone. Historically in pre-colonial Africa, as with most indigenous peoples, there existed within many nations and groups a place for non-conforming relationships and the individuals who presented or existed outside of the Western defined binary. As a queer identified black woman I believe black folx are meant to re-acquaint ourselves with these histories and cultures outside of the binding imperialist mindset that has so long defined who we are. Ultimately, I see us all embracing our future selves in every manifestation of fabulous excellence.


East Bay, CA

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